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My name is Cheryl Saunders. I am 51 years old and when my kids were all launched, I decided to return to school for my bachelor's degree.  I had an entrepreneurial class that felt just like "coming home".  For one assignment, we needed to start a micro business.  I love developing small businesses so I embraced the project and it went so well that I decided to change my plan and launch Stylish Stylings, LLC, custom jewelry design.  


I love to work with leather, satin cording and especially shrink plastic.  Through much experimentation, I have developed a process to get clear, custom designed charms for schools, organizations, teams, awards and any other event you would wish.  We also handcraft leather bracelets as blanks to be used by other crafters for embellishment or painting. 

It just goes to show - it's never too late to change our stars.

We can change our stars-

the team

Employees are mostly parents who are home as caregivers for their children during the day.  It's so worthwhile, but monetarily doesn't pay very well!  The mission of Stylish Stylings is to provide a way for these parents to make a little extra income to support their "stay home with the kids habit" and give them a small financial boost.

the benefits of custom design

The choice is yours: 

1. Give us your ideas and we will work hard to design the perfect bracelet for your needs. (choose the Design tab above)


2. Send us a design of your own and we will use it to create a bracelet which reflects your design in a wonderful way. ( send your logo to with your name and contact information)


3. Choose from among out predesigned charm patterns (choose the Catalog tab above)

Stylish Stylings, LLC creates custom jewelry designs for any occasion.  It is personalized by your input and we work in the parameters that you give us to develop a custom charm which will then be used to create bracelets for schools, events, advertising, sports teams and literally any other occasion.  The prices are very affordable so that you can even use them to raise money for your school or organization.  

There is no cost to have us digitally design your custom charm so let's begin.

"We love to have something with our school mascot and colors to actually wear everyday"

peer leaders, Pioneer Elementary School

"two thumbs up!"

Tammy, speech pathologist

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