My name is Cheryl Saunders and I am the owner/designer for Stylish Stylings, LLC.  I returned to school to finish my degree as a grandmother and this was a school project for me.  I fell in love with the graphic design aspect and also making jewelry with uplifting messages.  There are so many people that give light to others and make their journey easier.  I love custom projects and working and reworking to get an organization, or non-profit group, school, or business a design that they can use to enhance their purpose.  Thanks for looking!

Production process for custom products?

      When I receive a request for a custom order, I work one-on-one with the customer to make sure I fully understand their intent, design ideas and time parameters.  We keep working with sample ideas until they are perfectly happy with their custom design.  Sometimes a customer has a design they would like to use already and I format that design to work with their piece.  

      Next, I adjust the colors and opacity and dimensions so I can apply it to special shrink plastic sheets.  (Remember shrinky dinks when you were a kid?)  I have special machinery to cut the designs out with precision.  At this point I take measures so that they shrink evenly and with correct colors to match our prototype.  Two coats of water-resistant spray are applied to each piece.  Lastly, pieces are glued securely to high quality, nickel-plated pins for a finished, custom piece.  These make for a very thoughtful, affordable gift or award for those special to you.

      Most often I also graphically design custom, professionally printed cards to attach your pieces to as a way to enhance your message.  This is also a great place to include your contact information for advertising or non-profit organizations.


1.   How long will it take to receive my order?   With a premade order, pieces will be shipped within 2 business days.  Custom orders take a          bit longer as there is new graphic design involved.  I will return your custom order message within 24 hours and start creating!  I will              continue to send jpeg copies to you until you are satisfied with the proof.  When I receive the go ahead from you, I will email you                      an  invoice with payment instructions.  When your order is placed, it will be 2 business days for me to get them in the mail.  Custom                cards will be a similar arrangement.  I believe in very open and available communication so we are always on the same page!


 2.   Are custom orders more expensive?  Only a little bit.  There is a very reasonable one-time fee for the graphic design involved in custom         items.   This makes it possible for me to keep the purchase of your pins and pin cards themselves at an affordable price.


3.    Are your pieces waterproof?  Water-resistant.  They are sprayed with a double layer of water-resistant spray, but it is not suggested they         are worn in the shower, bathtub or pool. 


4.   What is your return policy? We take true pride in our craft and go to great lengths to ensure the piece you receive is exactly what you              want, and we won’t begin production until you approve all design details and I receive payment.  Because each of our items is custom          made, items cannot be returned for a refund, and projects can’t be cancelled once production has begun.  If you are unhappy with any          aspect of your pieces upon their arrival, reach out and our team will work with you to resolve the issue to the best of our abilities.